Wood product application in interiors is nearly infinite and so we have been stretching the boundaries and looking for inspiration to create a product that would not only organically complement any dwelling but would also be made of sustainable timber whilst using our top notch wood processing technology. Hence mosaic wood tiles - a unique product where every tile is slightly different in colour and grain, but put together create an adorable pattern never seen before.


Mosaic wood tiles are not only durable and practical, they are unchallenged as feature wall material, floor or simple accent detail at home, in the office, restaurant, shop or a hotel. Any interior environment can be enhanced by using mosaic wood tiles. Modern, contemporary, classic and traditional interiors will all find a way to benefit from the features derived from mosaic wood tiles. 


   Co-operation with furniture manufacturers allows us to make use of the resource that is no longer suitable for furniture making but is ideal for mosaic wood tiles. The waste suddenly becomes invaluable and we all play a part in saving trees.


Wooden mosaic tilesWOODEN MOSAIC TILES

The standard tile sizes, shapes and colours will go well with most of the interiors. Decorative elements will offer a choice of character and versatility for those of us who are more inventive and courageous. Hard wearing lacquer finish will withstand the daily use.

If tiles are used as floor material, in time they can be re-sanded and re-finished just like any other wooden floor. Wooden mosaic tiles come pre-glued on a plastic mesh. Tiles are perfect for bent and round surfaces where using other materials is a struggle.

A range of tiles that have been treated to completely resist humidity and temperature changes. These tiles can be used for floors and walls in bathrooms, shower cubicles, SPAs, saunas or yachts. 

Wood mosaic



New launch – unique wall panelling made from a variety of timber plank off cuts. At home or in public places, this wall panelling will help create amazing feature walls. Separate panels of 115 x 10 cm can be glued together to cover the whole wall or simply make a statement. Come unfinished and ready to be lacquered, stained or painted. The panels are sound absorbent and work great on acoustic walls.


First step for wooden mosaic installation


Make sure the surface is flat and hard, not too rough and not something that may warp or distort from adhesive or grout. Also check if the surface can absorb the extra humidity from adhesive and grout. Check that the surface is dry, clean, free from damp risk, has no cracks or residue dust. Grout can be applied after the adhesive has dried. Approximately after 24 hours.
Spread a coat of adhesive in a uniform layer with a trowel (2-4mm notch)

Recommended adhesive "KERAKOLL Slc® Eco L34 Flex".


2Place the tiles onto the spread adhesive, gently push them in until all the tiles seem even. Use standard tile spacers to separate tiles and tile sheets.



Grout can be applied after the adhesive has dried. Approximately after 24 hours.

Recommended grout "KERAKOLL Fugalite®Eco".


4Spread the grout so that all the spaces get filled in evenly.

Clean the residue with a damp sponge. Use warm water to dampen the sponge5
6 Once the grout has dried, clean the tiles with a damp cloth and polish them using   KERAKOLL FugaSoap®Eco .


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